Some news from Basel GAA (Newsletter Nov-2018)

Basel GAA social event

Basel GAA members met for the All-Ireland final and semi-final of Hurling and Gaelic football to see Dublin and Limerick win their final.

hurling final basel

During the same moment, the members met for the Basel Irish Club (BIC) BBQ to make a presentation of Gaelic football and Hurling for the member of the BIC. It was the good moment to recruit new member for the club and play all together.



Some players joined other club to participate to the tournament offer by the GGE. 3 player joined Padova in the final of Central-East regional championship in Berlin. One player joined a mix team in the Pan-European final in Maastricht and reached the final of Junior C competition.
Two player joined Zurich in the Camogie european final in Amsterdam.
We are proud that one of us player was selected for Germany team at the Euro Cup in Lorient.

berlin tournament

Youth training

From the BIC BBQ and the GAA demo, some kids join the senior training in a safety way. The goal for next year will be to have regular training only for kids.

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