Youth training in Basel

During the month of May and June, the club launched his youth section with several training/discovery session. Lot of kids answer to the GAA call.

IMG-20190512-WA0010.jpg IMG-20190616-WA0005.jpg

Kids presented at the training

 The session lead by a Cork men, Paul Lynch, assisted by number of member of the club was a success  with a increase of the number of kids. The coach and the parents see lot of progress from the kids on the different skill in Gaelic football.

This first set of training/discovery session finished with lunch in the Paddy Reilly with some gift for the kids.


T-shirt and medal offer to the kids

Thanks to PM Group for their support.
Thanks to Team Sport in Saint-Louis and Wahl in Saint-Louis for their work on the gift for the kids.
Thanks to all the members of the club and the parents


New session will be launched in the future due to the success of this first set.


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