Hand pass for Paddy’s Day challenge

The pandemic may have physically kept us apart, but being a member of Basel GAA means we’re still connected by team spirit! So to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2021, let’s have some fun with a little Paddy’s Day Basel GAA Team Challenge – #handpassforpaddysday

How it works…
  1. Get a friend or family member to throw you a sliotar or football from off camera (make sure they’re filming you too)
  2. Make an “epic catch” – e.g. mid-air, mid-run or even mid-ski, be creative! (but please be careful as well!)
  3. Make a hand pass whilst shouting out the name of the person you nominate to catch your “hand pass for Paddy’s Day”
  4. Post your video on the Basel GAA Facebook page (to post, access the page on your desktop, or just send your video as a message via the page for us to post the video for you)

Then the 5 catches deemed most epic will win a special (chocolate-based) prize!

You don’t have to wait to be nominated to join in, and you can submit as many different catch videos and make as many nominations as you want.

Let’s see how many hand passes we can make as a team in the build up to St Patrick’s Day 2021!

To start us off (and to give you a giggle), here’s the Committee’s (not so epic) submission for #handpassforpaddysday

Can you do better than the Committee’s attempt?! We’re thinking definitely!